Laura Scarborough

Above is my latest release - a cover of John Lennon's "Love" featured on a "Friends of Sims" covers record compilation in 2015. I'm proud of this recording because it's simple, raw, and demonstrates my piano arrangement style.

Currently I spend time teaching piano 5 days week, writing music for an upcoming piano record, and performing with avant-afro-disko band The Golden Dawn Arkestra. I also perform, tour, and perform with various artists including Kat Edmonson, Suzanna Choffel, Bruce SalmonBob Schneider's Moonlight Orchestra, and others.

I'm often hired to play my vintage Deagan vibes for recordings and shows. They have a K&K pick-up system and I use Malekko guitar pedals to help create interesting space-bell textures. 

The flexibility of being a multi-instrumentalist has provided amazing opportunities for me to connect with other musicians. Classical pianists often spend many hours in solitude practicing. I'm grateful to have broken out of the practice room to discover stages and other musical experiences; however, I know the time is coming for me to do more sharing of my own writing and let my voice be heard. My Musiklandia.

Musically, I'm a classical pianist that crossed the line into improvisation and sonic exploration. I enjoy effects processors, synthesizers, & keyboard related instruments (like accordion and vibraphone). I strive to play music that is unique and expressive on every instrument I play.