Acclaimed Texas Songwriter and Multi-instrumentalist Laura Scarborough Returns with Her First Solo CD in More Than 15 Years, Reflection


(Austin, TX)—In the fifteen years since Laura Scarborough first burst on the Austin music scene, she has become one of the most respected and compelling performers in her field. Lauded for her mesmerizing live performances, which showcase her background as a classically trained pianist, superb vocals, and technological wizardry, Laura has played with such acclaimed musicians as Suzanna Choffel, Kat Edmonson and Bob Schneider’s Moonlight Orchestra, which earned her the Keyboard Player of the Year Award at the Austin Music Awards. Last month, her primary collaborative project, the wonderfully eclectic Golden Dawn Arkestra was named Austin’s best Experimental / Avant Garde band. Just last week, Laura launched her album pre-sale campaign on PledgeMusic and hit over 50% past her goal within the first 24 hours of launch. 

A classical pianist turned songwriter turned touring multi-instrumentalist, Laura has graced stages playing vibraphone and keyboards with other artists, but few have heard the uniquely ethereal, romantic, and surreal sound that she began cultivating at the beginning of her career.


After exploring a solo career in the early 2000s and releasing two albums, she diverted into collaborative musical endeavors as a multi-instrumentalist. The desire to be a part of something larger than herself led her to begin composing music for dance and production. She soon began composing and touring for seven years with the Kansas City based modern-cirque-arts group Quixotic. Her diversity, experience with production, costuming, and dance led her to co-pilot her current project, Golden Dawn Arkestra, an afro-psych-disco 15-piece band which is captivating audiences in Austin, across the country, and in Europe. After the 15-year journey of offering her talents to other artists, Laura felt compelled to return to her classical piano roots and share her more profound, song-driven music.

Now, on her new CD, Reflection, Laura lays bare her intimate, piano driven works, most of which have not been heard by her live audiences. Produced by Kyle Ellison, Reflection is a deeply personal nine song piano-driven collection that displays the best of Laura’s classical training combined with her lush, haunting vocals. From the mesmerizing, hypnotic first track “Merman,” Reflection reflects on time, relationships, life, loss, growth, discovery, and the redefining of self-identity within love. Both rhythmic and sonically spellbinding, the tracks draw the listener in with Laura’s sensual vocals and themes centered around breaking free from limitations. “730 miles,” is a lighter track about time on the road during her 730 mile commute from Austin to Kansas City.  “Reflection,” “Human Too,” and “Silence” all touch on the vulnerability, challenge, and discovery within human relationships. “Figure 8” is a lilting track that sounds as though it could be part of a soundtrack from a Fellini film.


Laura’s piano playing, both driven and delicate is best showcased in a cover of John Lennon’s “Love” with a stellar piano arrangement. The album while at times plaintive, is unrelenting, reflective, and sonically rich with synths, toy pianos, accordion, vibraphone and other colors that Laura uses to paint her music. Her voice is tinged with jazz, vocal playfulness, and power that evoke her influences like Bjork, Jeff Buckley, Eartha Kitt, and Nina Simone. Fearless and authentic, Reflection is Laura’s most heart-felt and scintillating work to date. With a voice that is beautiful and restrained, yet deeply voluptuous, Laura has created a CD that is musically daring and cinematic in feel.

Aside from releasing the album on CD and vinyl, there will also be a book accompanying the release. “Reflection: The Book” will include piano scores of music on the album, song lyrics, writings, and art images that bring deeper understanding into the musical life journey of Laura Scarborough.

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